2021 Jaguar F-Pace

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2021 Jaguar F-Pace For Sale

“Our luxury performance SUV brings together award-winning design, Jaguar performance and intuitive technologies to make every journey feel extraordinary.” —Jaguarusa.com

  • Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA)
  • Start-up sequence with movement, dials and lighting
  • Trailer Stability Assist (TSA)
  • 3D Surround Camera
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2021 Jaguar F-Pace MODELS

  • F-Pace


  • F-Pace S

    F-Pace S

  • F-Pace R-DYNAMIC S

    F-Pace R-DYNAMIC S

  • F-Pace SVR

    F-Pace SVR

Jaguar F-Pace For Sale

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2021 Jaguar F-Pace performance


The New F‑PACE offers a range of engines, including the P250 in the F‑PACE and the F‑PACE S. The P340 and P400, available in the S and R‑Dynamic S respectively, are powered by our new mild-hybrid gas technology. For ultimate performance, the P550 is available exclusively in the SVR. All transmissions are 8-speed automatic.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace performance


Choose between full dynamic performance and maximizing fuel economy. JaguarDrive Control performs gear shifts more quickly in Dynamic Mode and upshifts earlier in Eco Mode. Rain/Ice/Snow Mode switches to more gentle progress in low-grip conditions.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace performance


Jaguar All-Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics is a proactive all-wheel drive system. While others become active only after the car loses traction, our system preemptively shifts torque to the front wheels to help maintain control and composure before grip is lost.

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2021 Jaguar F-Pace Appearance Main Img
2021 Jaguar F-Pace appearance


The F‑PACE features up to 31.5 cubic feet of loadspace, even with your friends and family in the second row. On weekdays or weekends, the F‑PACE perfectly meets your needs.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace appearance


Featuring new Jaguar double 'J’ blade daytime running lights, the premium LED headlights on the F‑PACE provide greater visibility and reduce fatigue.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace appearance

Sliding panoramic roof

Includes a moveable front section and a fixed rear section to allow more natural light and fresh air into the cabin, enhancing the airy, spacious feeling. For greater privacy and to reduce excessive heating under intense sunlight, the roof is fitted with an electric blind.

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2021 Jaguar F-Pace comfort


With our innovative Active Road Noise Cancellation occupants experience a quieter cabin that can help reduce fatigue and improve overall refinement.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace comfort


Optional Nanoe ionization enhances driver and passenger well-being. Activate the feature and the specially designed filter will attract and capture fine particles and airborne allergens from the outside air, such as PM2.5, dust and pollen.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace comfort


Wireless device charging with phone-signal booster lets you charge compatible smartphones without the need for wires or a charging dock. While in the car, your phone will use the vehicle’s antenna for improved signal and clearer calls.

Standard on all models.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace comfort


Online Pack§ offers further connected services via a built-in SIM card, providing access to:

  • Unlimited streaming media
  • Online speech recognition
  • Weather forecasts
  • Online calendar synchronization

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Every new Jaguar vehicle has best-in-class, 5-year/60,000-mile coverage, which includes a new vehicle limited warranty, complimentary scheduled maintenance and roadside assistance, plus the extraordinary Jaguar InControl® Remote and Protect technology.2
2021 Jaguar F-Pace Safety Main Img
2021 Jaguar F-Pace safety

Emergency Braking

Emergency Braking can help to prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians or bicycles. It displays a warning in the event of an imminent collision, and automatically applies the brakes if no action is taken.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace safety


The F‑PACE has been built utilizing such features as Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), all of which help make getting around town and parking easier, and driving on highways that much more enjoyable.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace safety

Blind Spot Assist

Blind Spot Assist helps you to change lanes more safely, illuminating a small warning light in the wing mirror if your vehicle detects another vehicle your blind spot. Additional steering correction encourages you to guide your vehicle away if a potential collision is detected.

2021 Jaguar F-Pace for Sale Click Here!