2019 Volvo V90

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2019 Volvo V90 For Sale

“Sophisticated, versatile and beautiful. The V90 is the estate car to enhance every day.”
— Volvocars.com

  • The driving stance of a sedan and the cargo space of a crossover
  • Generous power meets low fuel consumption
  • Standard Panoramic Moonroof
  • First class seating for five
  • Large load compartment, split-folding rear seats, and a low roofline make light work of loading and carrying
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2019 Volvo V90 MODELS

  • V90 R-Design

    V90 R-Design

  • V90 Inscription

    V90 Inscription

  • V90 Cross Country

    V90 Cross Country

  • V90 Ocean Race Edition

    V90 Ocean Race Edition

Volvo V90 For Sale

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2019 Volvo V90 performance

The perfect balance

Engineered to strike the perfect balance between comfort and precision, the V90 is a car to be enjoyed. At the front, aluminium double wishbone suspension contributes to responsive steering and good handling. The rear suspension uses Volvo Cars’ unique integral link, which improves the ride and helps to save weight.

2019 Volvo V90 performance

Drive it your way

With a choice of Drive Modes, the V90 offers different driving experiences to match the road ahead, or your mood. Switching between three settings alters the characteristics of the engine, gearbox, steering, brakes, stability control system and engine stop/start. Comfort mode sets the car up for comfort, Dynamic sharpens the responses and Eco maximizes efficiency. A fourth mode, Individual, allows you to combine characteristics to create a drive tailored to you.

2019 Volvo V90 performance


The chassis of your Volvo has been tuned to deliver a refined, smooth ride as well as sharp handling. All to give you a car that is just as comfortable and fun to drive on challenging country roads as it is on the highway. The advanced aluminum double wishbone suspensions at the front wheels provide perfectly balanced road holding and steering characteristics. At the rear, an exclusive integral axle allows all characteristics to be individually tuned for your comfort and enjoyment.

2019 Volvo V90 performance

All-wheel Drive (AWD)

Our AWD technology with Instant Traction™ gives you an edge by increasing driving stability and traction – on all road surfaces and in all weathers. As conditions change, wheels with the best grip get the most power to optimise your drive. Under normal conditions practically all the power is distributed to the front wheels to minimise fuel consumption without compromising on stability. And when needed, up to 50% of the engine's power can be distributed to the rear wheels. At standstill, full all-wheel drive is always engaged to prepare for maximum traction. This also facilitates take-off in slippery conditions or if you for example pull a boat trailer up a ramp.

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2019 Volvo V90 appearance

The beauty of good design

The V90 is a car of character and sophistication, balancing pure Scandinavian design with purpose. Its distinctive outline is reinforced by tail lights that frame the rear window. The impression is one of strength and solidity, with details that are subtle and distinctive.

2019 Volvo V90 appearance

Light up your world

LED headlights with our signature “Thor’s Hammer” daytime running lights give the V90 a strong identity, and give you clear vision at night. Range-topping Full-LED Active High Beam Illumination technology automatically switches between low and high beams to give you the best light coverage without dazzling other road users. It also includes Active Bending Lights that turn in the same direction as the steering wheel (up to 30˚ in either direction) to give a better view through corners.

2019 Volvo V90 appearance

Panoramic roof

Our power-operated panoramic roof adds a superb experience of airiness and light inside your Volvo. For ventilation, the front section opens or tilts at the push of a button. A power-operated sunshade in perforated textile reduces glare on sunny days. The sunshade also maintains the airy feel inside the cabin. And when you enter your car in sunny days, the sunshade closes automatically as soon as the outside temperature reaches 25° C. Dark tinted laminated glass further increases comfort and security. And if you've forgot to close the panoramic roof after you've parked your car, it can be closed from the outside with the remote control.

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2019 Volvo V90 comfort

Space to carry

The V90 has a spacious, flexible interior that helps you live life to the full. The 25.5 cubic foot load compartment increases to 53.9 cubic feet with the backrests down, simply by pressing a button in the load compartment. An underfloor compartment provides secure storage that locks with the tailgate.

2019 Volvo V90 comfort

Easy to load

The V90 is full of thoughtful touches to make loading and carrying easier. Four metal eyelets in the floor provide lashing points to secure cargo, and a load net helps to secure loose objects. Shopping bag hooks and a bag holder that folds out of the floor stop bags from sliding around the load compartment. And the tailgate comes with a hands-free option, allowing you to open it by moving your foot under the rear bumper.

2019 Volvo V90 comfort

Ergonomically designed seats

The seats in your Volvo may well be the most important ones in your life – over the lifetime of your car, you will probably spend thousands of hours sitting in them. That’s why we spent so much time developing their ergonomic sculpted design, firm yet comfortable, with supporting side cushions and ergonomic padding.

2019 Volvo V90 comfort


CleanZone lets you and your passengers enjoy clean, healthy cabin air. It monitors incoming air and shuts the cabin's air intakes if harmful substances are detected. A multifilter reduces the levels of dust, pollen, particles and chemical odours. And to prepare a fresh cabin environment on a warm day, the automatic CleanZone function efficiently ventilates the cabin when you unlock the car.

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New Vehicle Limited Warranty 4 years/50,000 miles Corrosion Protection 12 years/unlimited mileage Hybrid Battery 8 years/100,000 miles (CA 10 years/150,000 miles) Volvo On Call Warranty Coverage, Roadside Assistance 4 years/unlimited mileage Maintenance for 3 years/36,000 miles

2019 Volvo V90 Safety Main Img
2019 Volvo V90 safety

Help with your drive

Pilot Assist helps reduce the effort of driving in heavy traffic, by keeping the V90 at a set speed and distance to vehicles in front, and using steering input to keep you in the center of your lane. Working at speeds up to 80 mph, it’s particularly helpful in highway conditions.

2019 Volvo V90 safety

A better view, all round

The 360˚ SurroundView Camera available for the V90 helps to make parking easier by giving you a bird’s-eye view of your car and its immediate surroundings. It’s especially useful when negotiating tight spaces and allows you to see the car’s position in relation to its surroundings. The surround view from the four wide-angle lens cameras appears on the center touchscreen and is available at speeds up to 8 mph.

2019 Volvo V90 safety

Perfect parking

Let your V90 do the hard work when parking, thanks to Park Assist Pilot. This smart feature uses sensors to gauge the size of parallel or perpendicular spaces as you drive by them, and lets you know if one is big enough to fit into. It can then steer the car into a parallel space just 1.2 times the length of the car - all you need to do is operate the accelerator, transmission, and brakes according to the prompts on the center screen. Your V90 will do the rest for you.

2019 Volvo V90 safety

Looking out for you

City Safety helps to protect people inside and outside the V90 by looking out for potential danger and reacting to it if necessary. Radar and camera technology identifies potential hazards such as other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and large animals ahead, day or night. If City Safety detects an imminent collision it warns you. If you don't react in time, the brakes are applied automatically to help avoid or mitigate a collision. City Safety also includes Steering Support, which helps you to steer away from danger as effectively and safely as possible.

2019 Volvo V90 safety

Keeping you on the road

Run-Off Road Mitigation helps to make accidents where a vehicle leaves the road less likely to happen. It detects if the car is about to leave the road unintentionally between 40 and 86 mph and can use steering and braking to guide the car back onto the right path. If the car does leave the road, Run-Off Road Protection reduces the chances of serious injury. The structure of the front seat frame absorbs the impact of a hard landing, while prepared safety belts automatically tighten to hold front seat occupants in place.

2019 Volvo V90 for Sale Click Here!