2018 Volvo V90

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2018 Volvo V90 For Sale

“It's built for adventure, meeting your expectations for dynamic driving and refined comfort.”
— Volvocars.com

  • Pilot Assist - Semi Autonomous Drive System w/Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Panoramic Roof
  • Trip Computer
  • Sensus Connect w/Complimentary Subscription
  • Park Assist Camera
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2018 Volvo V90 MODELS

  • V90 R-Design

    V90 R-Design

  • V90 Inscription

    V90 Inscription

  • V90 T5 AWD

    V90 T5 AWD

  • V90 T6 AWD

    V90 T6 AWD

  • V90 T6 AWD Volvo Ocean Race

    V90 T6 AWD Volvo Ocean Race

Volvo V90 For Sale

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2018 Volvo V90 performance

Drive Modes

Multiple drive modes with unique characteristics let you select different settings for the engine. Just to name a few, check out Dynamic for quicker gear changes and faster take off. Choose Eco for lowest possible fuel consumption. Select Comfort for an even more soothing ride. Or go with Individual to personalize your drive mode. Plus, enjoy adjustable power steering for a tailored experience.

2018 Volvo V90 performance

Award-Winning Powerhouses

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our award-winning Drive-E powertrains are designed to give you the most enjoyable, efficient and confident driving experience – at any engine speed. The 8-speed automatic gearbox with Start/Stop technology and our ECO+ function optimize the powertrain and climate system to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions. With our T6 engines, the supercharger and turbocharger work together to bring you high performance. Demonstrating the perfect balance of power, they operate in conjunction to provide acceleration with no turbo lag (the time between putting the pedal all the way down and feeling the rush of torque).

2018 Volvo V90 performance

Sensus Navigation

Standard Sensus Navigation provides intuitive guidance and connects seamlessly with our cloud-based services and navigation apps. It's conveniently operated using voice or steering wheel controls. Road directions are shown on your large touchscreen. You operate the system without taking your attention from traffic – the voice control carries out your commands. You have access to in-car apps that can help you get parking, share your location with friends or simply find the best coffee in town. To help you avoid traffic, Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) gives you a clear view of alternate routes. Free map updates ensure easier journeys. With the Volvo On Call app, you can send destinations from your smartphone to your car. It also allows you to sync meeting destinations from your personal calendar with the navigation system.

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2018 Volvo V90 comfort

Smartphone Integration

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration, all the functions you love about your smartphone are seamlessly integrated onto your car’s 9-inch Sensus Touchscreen. Make calls, send & receive messages, enjoy music and navigate easily using the touchscreen, steering wheel controls or voice control. Best of all, it allows you to stay focused on the road. Connecting your devices is quick and easy, too. Simply plug your smartphone into the car using the USB connection to turn the center display into an extension of your iPhone® (5 or later) or Android smartphone (5.0 Lollipop or later). When connected, your phone will also be charging.

2018 Volvo V90 comfort

Panoramic Moonroof

Everyone can enjoy a better view and a brighter cabin with our standard laminated Panoramic Moonroof with a power sunshade. It was created to let you take in the sunlight, breathe in the fresh air and gaze at the stars. The lamination offers a high level of safety and provides soundproofing for a quiet, peaceful drive. It’s also equipped with a handy wind blocker that folds up when the roof is open. Among competitors like the Audi A6, the BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the S90 is the only sedan that offers the Panoramic Moonroof as standard.

2018 Volvo V90 comfort

Concert-Quality Sound

Whichever seat you’re in, our Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins audio system lets you hear the music you love just as the artists intended. Using 19 high-fidelity loudspeakers and an astonishing 1400 watts of state-of-the-art amplification, it’s an immersive experience with crystal-clear, powerful sound. Room mode functionality recreates the acoustic experience of the Gothenburg Concert Hall, a majestic stage or an epic recording studio.

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New Vehicle Limited Warranty 4 years/50,000 miles Corrosion Protection 12 years/unlimited mileage Volvo On Call Warranty Coverage, Roadside Assistance 4 years/unlimited mileage Maintenance for 3 years/36,000 miles

2018 Volvo V90 Safety Main Img
2018 Volvo V90 safety

Oncoming Lane Mitigation

Standard Oncoming Lane Mitigation automatically helps you steer back into your lane if it detects that you have crossed the lane markings, heading into the path of an oncoming vehicle. If you don’t take action, this system helps you steer the car back. You’ll get an audible warning signal at the same time the car starts to steer. After the steering intervention has been completed, a message is shown in the Digital Driver Display. At anytime, you can override the automatic steering function.

2018 Volvo V90 safety

Park Assist Pilot

Whether you park in a parallel or perpendicular space, available Park Assist Pilot takes over the steering and guides your car into place. All you need to control is the brake and the accelerator. The technology is so precise it can park in spaces you wouldn’t normally consider – when parallel parking, even a gap just 1.2 times the length of the car is enough.

2018 Volvo V90 for Sale Click Here!