2018 Jaguar XF Sedan

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2018 Jaguar XF Sedan For Sale

“Possessing an unrivaled combination of style and substance, the Jaguar XF delivers an utterly seductive blend of design, dynamics and refinement to create a car that offers both excitement and comfort. All enhanced with the latest technologies that keep you connected and entertained.” —Jaguarusa.com

  • 180 hp diesel, 247 or 296 hp gasoline 4-cylinder or 380 hp V6
  • Available AWD
  • 18inch alloy wheels
  • Jaguar InControl® Remote & Protect
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  • XF Sedan Sportbrake

    XF Sedan Sportbrake

Jaguar XF Sedan For Sale

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2018 Jaguar XF Sedan performance

Inspired Suspension

Strong and light aluminum components make up both the front and rear suspension systems, helping the XF to respond with agility and to perform with dynamism while maintaining ride comfort. At the front, a double wishbone suspension structure, similar to that found in the F-TYPE, ensures exceptional steering feel. An integral link suspension system at the rear provides rigidity to support handling while offering great ride quality. The control, agility and feedback offered by this suspension architecture ensure that the XF feels alive.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan performance

Adaptive Dynamics

Whether you’re accelerating on the highway, cornering on country roads or navigating uneven surfaces around town, available Adaptive Dynamics is designed to instinctively modify the vehicle’s response to conditions and your driving style. The system constantly adjusts the electronically controlled dampers to optimize the suspension settings.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan performance

JaguarDrive Control

JaguarDrive Control allows you to select between Standard, Eco, Dynamic or Rain-Ice-Snow Modes, each subtly changing the steering, throttle response and gearbox shift points. Eco Mode encourages fuel-efficient driving while Dynamic Mode increases throttle sensitivity, holds gears for longer and increases steering weighting. By selecting Rain-Ice-Snow Mode, the system automatically dampens acceleration and applies more gradual traction in slippery conditions.

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2018 Jaguar XF Sedan appearance

Panoramic Roof

Made from a single piece of glass, the fixed panoramic roof optional on the XF Sportbrake measures more than 17 square feet and gives uninterrupted views of the sky.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan appearance

Designed For Life

The XF makes no compromise between assertive style and versatility. Advanced driver assistance technologies mean you can relax knowing the XF is designed to help keep you safe, while the practical loadspace and a range of innovative, convenient features support your lifestyle.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan appearance

No Hand Power

With Powered Gesture Trunk Lid or Tailgate you can access the cargo area when your hands are full. Simply wave your foot under either rear corner and the door opens or closes.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan appearance


One of the many exquisite finishing touches on th XF Sedan is a unique pinstripe graphic on the distinctive, F-Type inspired, LED taillights.

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2018 Jaguar XF Sedan comfort

Space To Relax

The XF cabin is a destination of luxury, choice and space. Additional ambient illumination throughout the XF cabin can be ordered to enhance its elegant interior. Select the Premium Interior update package for your XF and you will have the choice of ten colors to complement your mood.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan comfort

In the Driving Seat

Push the Start button and the XF awakens. With perfect choreography, air vents rotate open, the JaguarDrive selector rises smoothly, the engine growls - all inspiring you to anticipate the drive ahead.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan comfort

Surround Sound System

Superb sound systems bring your music to life. The Meridian 380W Sound System provides acoustic range through 11 speakers. The optional Meridian 825W Surround Sound System offers more breadth of performance. Designed in conjunction with the British audio experts Meridian, these systems use innovative audio technology and precise speaker placement to give perfectly optimized sound quality. All ensure that, wherever you or your passengers sit in the XF, everyone will enjoy a rich, enveloping audio experience.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan comfort

Wi‑Fi Hotspot

Jaguar InControl® offers a Wi‑Fi Hotspot that utilizes a powerful external antenna – allowing passengers to wirelessly connect up to eight devices with the in-car Wi‑Fi network.

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Every new Jaguar vehicle has best-in-class, 5-year/60,000-mile coverage, which includes a new vehicle limited warranty, complimentary scheduled maintenance and roadside assistance, plus the extraordinary Jaguar InControl® Remote and Protect technology.
2018 Jaguar XF Sedan Safety Main Img
2018 Jaguar XF Sedan safety

Blind Spot Monitor

The Blind Spot Monitor (optional) uses radar sensors to cover areas difficult to see when you’re driving – either directly or rapidly approaching in your blind spot. If it detects cars overtaking, it warns you via an amber icon in the appropriate door mirror.4 In addition to Blind Spot Monitor, available Blind Spot Assist can help prevent collisions. If your car detects another vehicle in your blind spot when you begin to change lanes, Blind Spot Assist provides a precisely calculated opposing steering torque - guiding the vehicle safely away from the approaching vehicle.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan safety

Advanced Parking Aids

These systems make parking in tight spaces easier than ever. Sensors measure the space and, if suitable, will enable XF to accurately steer itself during both parallel and bay parking maneuvers - the driver only has to control the brakes and accelerator. For parallel spaces, an exit-assist function can help guide XF out again. The reverse traffic detection system, using the blind spot monitoring system’s sensors, is able to detect approaching vehicles that may be unseen by the driver, triggering an audible alert and a notification on the Touch-screen.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan safety

Head-Up Display With Laser Technology

Focus on the road with an advanced Head-Up Display system using laser technology. This optional state-of-the art system projects a range of important information onto the windshield. Remaining clear in direct sunlight, its crisp, bright image can display vehicle speed, navigation, cruise control notifications and Traffic Sign Recognition data, where available.

2018 Jaguar XF Sedan for Sale Click Here!