2018 BMW 5 Series: 530e iPerformance

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2018 BMW 530e iPerformance For Sale


Starting at :

  • 248 Horsepower
  • 2.0-Liter BMW TwinPower Turbo Inline 4-Cylinder
  • Seat-Mounted Front Side-Impact Airbags
  • Engine Start/Stop Button
  • iDrive 6.0 System With Touchscreen, Touchpad Controller and 7 Programmable Memory Buttons
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BMW 5 Series For Sale

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2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance performance

Dynamic Damper Control

This available system can change your vehicle's suspension settings on the fly. Each wheel has a control unit with adaptive mode that consistently monitors movement and then adjusts the shock absorbers appropriately.

2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance performance

The Heart Of Every 5 Series

530e: BMW’s legendary 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine works in perfect harmony with an electric motor that’s powered by a high-voltage lithium-ion battery. This synchronized combination earns you better gas mileage and instant torque when you push the throttle. All the while, still delivering an extra kick at higher rpms that’s familiar to BMW owners.

2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance performance

Where Poise and Power Meet

Turbocharge your drive with the power of the All-New 5 Series M Performance Sedan without compromising the comfort of the classic 5 Series. The xDrive Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system features a rear-bias and precision handling that when paired with 456 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque delivers acceleration from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds4, making it the fastest 5 Series to date.

2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance performance

Lightweight And Lightning Fast

Crafted with lightweight high-strength steel, aluminum, and magnesium, the 5 Series offers awe-inspiring acceleration. An elegant design and superior materials come together for a vehicle that’s as fast as it is sophisticated – with maximum stability, higher efficiency and improved handling.

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2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance comfort

Technology Tailored To You

A suite of intuitive technologies equips the 5 Series with innovations that make for a truly personalized performance. The available full-color head-up display is 75% larger than before, making navigation easy while keeping your eyes on the road. Connected to the cloud, Intelligent Voice Control gets smarter the more you use it by continually analyzing speech patterns for improved quality and reliability.

2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance comfort

Apple CarPlay Compatibility

A smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in your vehicle. By putting your iPhone’s functionality in the built-in display, you can get directions, send and receive messages, listen to music and make calls all while staying focused on the road.

2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance comfort

Striking Exterior, Cutting Edge Interior

The 5 Series is dynamic – with a sporty exterior and an elegant interior. Sleek angles combine for a striking athletic stance, while Ambience Lighting and available premium Nappa Leather compose a sports sedan like no other – from the outside in.

2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance comfort

Premium Package

Take the tech in your 5 Series Sedan to the next level with the Premium Package – This package includes Comfort Access keyless entry, a 1-Year SiriusXM Satellite Radio All-Access Subscription, Wireless Charging, a Wi-Fi hot spot and more.

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48 month / 50,000 miles Powertrain Warranty

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2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance safety

Parking In Full View

Surround View System with 3D View. Four cameras work together to create three-dimensional perspective views of the area surrounding the vehicle, assisting the driver with spotting all obstacles, including curbs, other vehicles and pedestrians.

2018 BMW 5 Series 530e iPerformance safety

Xenon Adaptive Headlights

Our Xenon Adaptive Headlights with distinctive corona rings began as a groundbreaking idea that went on to become a major advancement in safety. Using an electromechanical system, our adaptive headlights follow the direction of the wheels. So as you begin cornering, the headlights turn into and around the bend, which allows you to see more of the road, sooner. Xenon lights, another BMW innovation, help provide clarity by emitting twice as much light as halogen light, while using half as much energy.

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