2017 Mini Convertible

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2017 Mini Convertible For Sale

“All the feistiness of the Hardtop, but with our 3-in-1 soft-top that features an adjustable sunroof and heated glass rear window. Both rarities as far as convertibles go. With unlimited headroom and standard climate control, courtesy of Mother Nature.” —miniusa.com

  • TwinPower Turbo
  • Six-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Performance Suspension
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Engine Immobilizer with coded drive away protection
  • HD Radio Technology
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Mini Convertible For Sale

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2017 Mini Convertible performance

TwinPower Turbo

With MINI TwinPower Turbo engines, the all-new MINI Convertible gives you legendary handling paired with world-class performance engineering in a car that punches way above its weight.

2017 Mini Convertible performance

Six-Speed Automatic

The Convertible’s transmission offers especially smooth and precise shifting, while the Cooper S' optional Steptronic allows you to choose between the convenience of automatic and the thrill of manual shifting. Cooper S and John Cooper Works models are also available with optional steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters that let you maximize performance with a fluid flick of your finger.

2017 Mini Convertible performance

Three Driving Modes

Every Convertible blends refinement and a firm, European road feel from the moment you start the engine. But with our standard adjustable Driving Mode system, you can direct the technically sophisticated drivetrain to match your Motoring mood. Sport Mode will tighten your steering and adjust the throttle profile for a more aggressive, thrilling drive. For more fuel-efficient motoring, switch to Green Mode with optimized fuel delivery, tweaked shift points and a coasting feature that disengages an automatic transmission when your foot’s off the gas.

2017 Mini Convertible performance

Optional Parking Assistant

This technology will size up potential parking spots. If there's room, it will then take control of the wheel and steer the car into place – giving precise prompts for the driver to apply throttle and brake power.

2017 Mini Convertible performance

Sport Mode

If you're looking for even more motoring fun, just pop your MINI’s Sport Button. This standard feature adjusts various settings to provide even faster acceleration and tighter steering. If paired with an automatic transmission, it will even adjust your shift points for quicker gear changes. And on Cooper S and John Cooper Works models, the exhaust makes a distinctive "popping" sound during deceleration. We almost called it the 'yipeeeeeee!' button. But all the letters didn't fit.

2017 Mini Convertible performance

Advanced Brakes

Brakes that will automatically ready themselves for an emergency stop when your foot suddenly leaves the gas, dry themselves in wet weather when your wipers are on, and actively work to reduce erratic driving.

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2017 Mini Convertible comfort

Premium Cabin

The Convertible’s well-appointed interior can be furnished with a variety of high-end upholstery options, such as Malt Brown Chesterfield Leather with diamond-pattern stitching.

2017 Mini Convertible comfort

Lounge Leather Seats

Optional MINI Yours Lounge Leather seats in Carbon Black for a little extra style and comfort.

2017 Mini Convertible comfort

Embossed Aluminum Plating

Embossed aluminum plating in the cockpit features a fine herringbone pattern to make your MINI stand out even more.

2017 Mini Convertible comfort

MINI Connected

MINI Connected comes standard in the Convertible and features a high-resolution 6.5” or optional 8.8” display, that’s designed to seamlessly integrate your technology into your MINI – from popular apps like Spotify® and Pandora®, to hardware like GoPro®, and more.^ Plus, it powers our own innovative tech, like Journey Mate, the ultimate trip-planner app that can coordinate your entire drive, integrating real-time traffic, weather, gas mileage, and even your calendar appointments. It will even alert you to gas stations when you need them and can help find parking in unfamiliar areas. (Note: Journey Mate only available on MINI models equipped with optional MINI Connected + Visual Boost XL and Navigation System.)

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At MINI, our commitment to quality, durability and customer satisfaction is clearly demonstrated by the 4-year/50,000-mile MINI New Passenger Car Limited Warranty and a 12-year/unlimited-mileage warranty against rust perforation. And we're not just talking about a couple key parts of your MINI. Our warranty covers everything, bumper to bumper and everything in between, except the tires.

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2017 Mini Convertible safety

Dynamic Stability Control

The Dynamic Stability Control system uses sensors to measure the steering angle, yaw and lateral acceleration to determine the direction you want to go. Then, if your MINI starts to stray, the DSC system kicks in by applying corrective brake pressure to individual wheels and adjusting engine torque.

2017 Mini Convertible safety

Performance Suspension

MacPherson struts in the front and highly-tuned, multi-link suspension in the rear that helps deliver world-renowned handling.

2017 Mini Convertible safety

Optional Head-Up Display

Inspired by jet cockpit technology, this optional retractable display puts essential motoring info – speed, nav instructions, stereo, and other alerts – closer to your line of sight.

2017 Mini Convertible safety

Ultra-Rigid Body

The rigid body of every MINI Convertible reduces body torque, freeing the suspension to do what it does best: provide super-tight handling. A flex-free frame also reduces squeaks, rattles, vibrations and cabin noise.

2017 Mini Convertible for Sale Click Here!